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Savor Success with Food Service Solutions from RedPrairie

A Fresh Approach to Delivering High Quality Foods and Services

From Quick Service Restaurants to casual or fine dining, most people select restaurants because the food is delicious and they can count on receiving good service.

But the Food Service industry faces numerous challenges in attracting and retaining diners. Among the top concerns are rising food costs, safety and service regulations, product quality, spoilage and waste, and a shortage of skilled labor. How do you juggle these pressure cooker issues and still keep consumers coming back?

Just the Right Ingredients for your Restaurant

Our suite of back-office solutions addresses these specific challenges, feeding more efficiency into your operations. With RedPrairie as your partner, you can:

  • better manage menus and ensure quality and freshness
  • generate accurate data and track all your suppliers
  • streamline inventory, warehouse and transportation operations
  • optimize deliveries based on demand
  • schedule labor according to each store's menu, traffic and labor standards
  • share information and better collaborate with supply chain partners
  • maintain your performance and customer service levels, while maintaining costs

What our customers are saying

"We selected Red Prairie because they have the breadth of product, food service and workforce management expertise to handle a large scale project such as ours."

-- John Jones, Vice President of Operations Systems for Boston Market Corporation

"Prior to Performance Management, analysis on a particular promotion could be up to 270 various reports for all of our restaurants. Since we deployed the solution, that same data is at our fingertips…and we can do so much more with it."

--Paul Mullin, Business Analyst, Culver’s Franchising System, Inc.

Solutions that Serve up a Wide Range of Benefits

You need the right in-store tools to automate routine tasks, provide real-time visibility into operations, and ensure effective decision-making. Our Site Operations solution provides a forecasting engine to predict traffic flow, staff and inventory requirements, and provides automated cash drawer reconciliation to reduce theft.

Making the most effective use of staff is a challenge as well. Leverage Enterprise Workforce Management to ensure you have the right amount of staff based on traffic and task requirements. It also helps you meet budget targets, comply with labor laws, and improve compliance resulting in more satisfied guests and associates.

To improve communications between corporate offices and stores, or franchisees, Execution Management offers a range of benefits. It enables corporate managers to create, prioritize and communicate tasks—such as promotions, new item introductions and other corporate initiatives to sites electronically.

The ability to see and analyze site performance at aggregate levels, such as district, region, country and enterprise-wide, is critical to improve service, reduce costs and protect your brand. Performance Management provides a holistic view of operational performance across the enterprise to identify sales trends, product and inventory costs, compare similar stores, and evaluate performance.


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