Grocery POS Self Checkout: U-Scan Self Checkout 


Independent grocers and regional chains are turning to U-Scan self-checkout to provide speed and convenience to their shoppers while keeping a tight reign on labor costs. The system operates like a conventional checkout lane, but it's the shopper - not the cashier - who scans, bags and pays for purchases... with minimal supervision from store attendants.

The next generation of U-Scan self-checkout systems has been created to bring customer service to the next level. Now even more compact than ever, the U-Scan system saves space at the front-end and provides shoppers with the highest level of customer service and reliability.

Ideal for independent grocers wishing to bring even better service levels and options to their shoppers, U-Scan allows busy shoppers to purchase items on their own, either at the traditional front-end checkout stand or at other departments within the store.

U-Scan is seamlessly integrated with StoreNext's ISS45 and ScanMaster point-of-sale systems.

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Grocery Self Checkout Point of sale system 



* Variety of configurations available to meet space needs, including Cashier Stations

* Upgradeable configurations to accommodate higher throughput

* Modular units

* Integrates with iPad Mobile Attendant

* Mature, stable and proven software that “mimics” the POS environment


* Enables variety of remote cashier functions

* Improves customer service, shortens staffed checkout lines too!

* Minimal involvement of IS and store support services for maintenance


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