Tellermate T-ix R3000

Retail, food service and grocery industries benefit from a simple, connected cash counting solution. Faster and more accurate than hand counting and recording, the Tellermate T-ix R3000 combines cash reconciliation for coins, bills and coupons with simple reporting to a PC.

The R3000 is designed for straight-forward record keeping and reporting of cash management. It can be connected to a PC via USB and will send simple report data into a word processing document or a spreadsheet.

Faster, automated counting and recording reduces errors and increases the quality of the audit trail. More regular counts can be undertaken to improve the available data that management has for analysis. The information can then be used for planning cash deliveries or collections, identifying business trends and eliminating discrepancies.

Cash register close-outs, start-bank and deposit preparation and cash drawer audits are all processes that can be undertaken automatically on the R3000 using custom set-up count tasks. 



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