iPad POS NCR Silver. More than Point-of-Sale.   

Run Your Business

NCR Silver is the easy solution for keeping track of your sales, profitability and customers, no matter where you are. NCR Silver delivers insightful data in simple ways that tells you exactly what you need to know when you need to know it to keep your business running. 


Connect with Customers

Customers are your most valuable asset and NCR Silver gives you the tools to reach them in ways that will grow your relationships and grow your business. Target marketing has never been easier. Simply capture customer emails and let NCR Silver do the rest.

Sell Anywhere

Go ahead and move around. Sell to your customers, wherever and whenever you want with NCR Silver Mobile. No matter where your business takes you NCR Silver will go too.

For as little as $79 you can get started with a simple, powerful small business solution. Backed by the trusted leader in retail solutions, you will have a team of seasoned advisors at your side, whenever you need them—every step of the way.


Get started today with a 30-day, no obligation free trial. We're confident that once you experience the simple power of NCR Silver, you will be hooked.


  • Real time access to your data, anytime, from anywhere
  • Track inventory, profitability and customers
  • Intelligent data analytics surfacing what you need to know when you need to know it
  • Freedom to spend less time on technology and more time with your family or your customers
  • Connect with customers when, where and how they want to engage with you
  • Secure transactions every time


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