Order Management Software in CounterPoint Retail POS

CounterPoint's Order Management is designed to meet the needs of retailers who process orders from a website, mail order, or customer special orders. Order Management supports everything from entering orders and associated shipping information to order fulfillment features such as picking tickets to help retrieve the merchandise to be shipped, and batch printing of invoices.

Entering Orders

Order entry allows the user to complete a sales order screen to identify the customer, their terms, one of the on-file customer ship-to addresses, ship via method, and other vital information for order processing. Item weight can be stored and total order weight calculated for interfacing to shipping manifests. You can define rules regarding optional order deposits, so you can, for example, require the clerk to receive a certain dollar amount or percentage of the order as a deposit.

Tracking Orders

Once an order is on file, you have the option to edit, view all order activity, take additional deposits, or cancel the order. Other features include refunding the order and releasing the order with a copy remaining on file for future use. This is helpful if a customer wants a "standing" order on file.

Customer Specific Orders

CounterPoint includes the ability to tie customer specific special orders to a Purchase Order via the Customer-Specific purchasing feature. When this feature is used, a purchase order is created that stamped with the customer order information, and the purchase order information is made available from the Customer Zoom. Reporting is also available that shows order lines for outstanding purchase orders and the status of each line.

Fill Backorders Report

The Fill Backorders report is an essential report that allows you to quickly identify backordered or ordered lines that can now be filled from on-hand inventory. This report can save considerable time during the order fulfillment process.

Batch Processing

Orders can be processed one-at-a-time, or in a group through batch processing. The Batch function allows you to process multiple orders simultaneously based on filtering criteria that you define. You can batch release orders that have a balance due as long as a final payment pay code has been defined in the order.

Order Notes

Notes can be entered and associated with orders. When an order is released, the note is copied to the ticket/invoice. Order notes are retained in Ticket History.

Ecommerce Orders

CounterPoint's integrated ecommerce solution, CPOnline, allows merchants to use the same database to power their brick and mortar and online stores. This allows you to maintain a single integrated inventory. You can use CounterPoint to publish item and customer information to your online store, and after orders are placed online, they are passed to CounterPoint to be fulfilled. This eliminates the need to rekey the data which in turn saves a lot of time and possible errors. You're also able to market to existing customers with email newsletters, promo codes, and abandoned cart tracking.


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