Integrated Ecommerce for Retail Point of Sale


Power-Packed Ecommerce
Launching in late September 2012, NCR Retail Online is the latest ecommerce solution from NCR and is designed exclusively for NCR Counterpoint merchants. NCR Retail Online brings you the latest ecommerce features built on a solid platform that’s designed for growth.

Leverage Your Existing NCR Counterpoint Data
Maintain your traditional and online stores at the same time, using the same administration tools and database to manage inventory, customer records, and customer orders. NCR Retail Online provides seamless and automated integration with your NCR Counterpoint point-of-sale system, saving you time and money on administration and ensuring a seamless shopping experience for your customers. With easy set up, flexible configuration, and powerful retail functionality, NCR Retail Online can help you quickly extend your product offering to the web.

Reduce Overhead

  • Make changes once
    Catalog information (items, prices, quantities, etc.) comes directly from Counterpoint so you don’t have to maintain this data in multiple places.
  • Eliminate rekeying orders
    Online orders are downloaded automatically to Counterpoint as often as once per hour. This eliminates the need to re-key orders and reduces overhead.
  • Inventory quantities update automatically
    With NCR Retail Online, your online catalog is always up-to-date. Online information is uploaded automatically from Counterpoint as often as once per hour. Eliminate the need to manually run any upload/download processes and lower labor costs while improving customer experience.

Currently Using Counterpoint V7?
We are still offering our CPOnline ecommerce solution for V7 customers. Click here for more information.

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