Advanced CounterPoint POS Software Features for Retail

CounterPoint gives you access to additional features that enhance the Base System. Advanced features may be added with the Base System, or later as your business needs change.

Gift Registry

The feature gives retailers the tools to create and manage wish lists and gift registries in CounterPoint. Customers will be able request and purchase gifts for occasions such as weddings, baby showers, birthdays, etc. This feature enables you to offer a valuable and commonly-used service to your customers while driving traffic to your store.


Complete customer tracking is an integral part of CounterPoint. The Receivables feature adds charge sales, receivables tracking, cash receipts processing, finance charges, account aging, and statement printing.

Serial Numbers

Serial number tracking provides a detailed record of each piece of merchandise-when it was received, what it cost, which customer bought it, when it was bought, warranty expiration, etc. Serial number tracking is beneficial to any business that sells big ticket items, tracks product warranties, or deals in regulated commodities.

Advanced Pricing

The Advanced Pricing offers advanced pricing capabilities including price-by-location, 6-level prices, oversize pricing for apparel, and custom pricing for price calculations.


Multi-Site is an integral part of any business that has more than one store. Multi-Site enables a CounterPoint Hub (the main office) and one or more Remotes (other stores) to operate independently during the day and periodically exchange information. Each site may "subscribe" to a user-defined set of data (a "work set") so that it receives just the inventory, store, and customer information that it needs. Information is exchanged (replicated) through a dialup, WAN, or Internet connection. Replication can be scheduled to take place periodically during the day or as an overnight process.

Offline Ticket Entry

The Offline Ticket Entry provides lane redundancy and ensures fault tolerance so clerks can continue to ring up sales if the connection to the CounterPoint server is lost. Offline Ticket Entry is useful during network outages, sidewalk sales, scheduled server maintenance, or for any situation in which the server is unavailable. Offline mode may be used as the normal mode of operation for "sometimes-connected" workstations such as portable workstations or kiosks.

Credit Cards

CounterPoint's Base System includes credit card processing under the CounterPoint Merchant Program (CMP). With the Credit Cards feature, CounterPoint supports credit card processing through any of CounterPoint's Preferred Processors. Using a CounterPoint Preferred Processor ensures compliance with rapidly changing standards and access to the most favorable rates, as well as industry classifications (Retail, Mail-order/Telephone-order, and Ecommerce), AVS, CVV2/CVC2, dial-up processing, purchase/corporate cards, and CPGateway.


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