Franchise POS Software

The Radiant Retail Solution for Franchise Retailers

 Whether you're a single or multi-site franchise, Radiant Systems will help you drive top-line growth by delivering speed, reliability and consistency in you operation while providing great visibility to more effectively managing your bottom line. As a leading point of sale (POS) provider, Radiant Systems delivers technology solutions built specifically for franchise operators, both corporate and franchisee. The solution features advanced, easy-to-use point of sale inventory management, and labor scheduling as well as real-time reporting.      

Features that are beneficial to Franchise Operators:

  • Implement a custom gift card program across all franchisees (SVC cards)
  • Automatically generate end of day reports for each franchisee and set the reports to send directly to the corporate office
  • Leverage quantity breaks from vendors with a centralized purchasing perspective
  • Variety of deploy models for franchise locations
  • Develop a system that new franchisees can easily manipulate
  • Robust reporting capabilities to measure profitability across all locations
  • Franchisees can integrate own financials
  • 2-second credit card authorization for busy holiday season
  • Track, share and transfer merchandise across all franchise locations


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